- The children of Radiant Church will be trained with essential Biblical truths, will experience the love of Jesus, and will develop their gifts. They will continue to grow and have fun in the things of God as they are prepared to be launched to the next thing that God has for them. 


Parents should not leave their child if he/she has the following:
Temperature of 100 degrees or more, vomiting, diarrhea within the last 24 hours, runny nose with thick or green mucus, severe or persistent cough, pink eye, rash, or has been exposed to a contagious disease.



The parent or adult responsible for the child must go to the
appropriate station and follow check-in guidelines.
• Check-in begins 15 minutes
before service.
• You will receive a sticker with
your child's name on it to be placed
on their shirt.
• Parents will need their claim
ticket at time of pick- up.
• Please label sippy cups and
diapers for nursery area.