Our Vision

iWorshipCenter has a vision, a goal and a process to effectively advance the cause of Christ in these last days.
Our Vision: Win Souls & Make Disciples
Everyone needs to hear about the love and grace of Jesus.  Every believer needs to be discipled.

Our Goal:  Every Believer Becomes a Servant Leader
Every person who loves the Lord needs to find their gift and anointing and learn how to use those talents in the Kingdom

Our Process: Win, Connect Train & Send
Four simple words describe to 4 wheels of the vehicle we call the process.  After someone gives their life to the Lord it vital they become connected to the Body of Christ.  However that’s not enough.  Training (discipleship) is imperative for the Body to be healthy.  The cycle then reaches maturity when people are “sent” to do the work of the ministry and the process re-starts.